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1) UPDATING YOUR CUSTOMER PROFILE AND PET CARE STAFF WITH ANY IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Please make sure you periodically review your customer profile and update OUR OFFICE VIA EMAIL when important changes are made to your pets routine, feeding, medications, medical issues etc. E-MAILING our office for important changes is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. IF YOU JUST TELL THE PET SITTER AN UPDATE THEY WILL NOT UPDATE YOUR PROFILE AND USUALLY WILL NOT UPDATE OUR OFFICE! THANK YOU!!


If you are booking an appointment where you will be out of town and we will be providing services in your home (PET SITTING OR HOUSE SITTING) : PLEASE IMMEDIATELY INFORM OUR OFFICE VIA EMAIL HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE GIVEN DAILY UPDATES. THE PET SITTER CAN TEXT, EMAIL OR CALL YOU ONCE A DAY, BUT YOU NEED TO INFORM OUR OFFICE WHICH IS BEST. If you already have a pet sitter assigned, please notify them ASAP of this we well as well. The pet sitter is only required by us to notify the customer once per day when you are out of town, not every single visit. EMAILING OUR OFFICE TELLING US WHICH METHOD OF UPDATES YOU PREFER (CALL, TEXT OR E-MAIL) IS REQUIRED! THANK YOU!

If you are in town and using our dog walking, park play or daily cat services services, we provide complimentary daily report cards. We provide report card sheets for the dog walkers to fill out in a prominent area of your home, for every visit. If they run out they will use a loose leaf sheet of paper in the meantime. IF YOU DO NOT SEE A REPORT FOR ANY VISIT, NOTIFY YOUR PET SITTER AND OUR OFFICE. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY DID NOT SHOW UP, SOMETIMES PEOPLE FORGET TO WRITE THEM. If you do not want reports for each visit (when you are in town) Please make sure to please specify in your profile (visit instructions area) and verbally to your dog walker/pet sitter that you do not want daily written reports.