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Wagging Tails has been providing dog walking and pet sitting services since 2005. 
My husband and I miss our furry friends since with the COVID restrictions many of our loyal and wonderful customers do not need our services. 
We are a small business which thrives on providing excellent services to all our customers. 
We have a wonderful and caring staff. 
This was always our dream to care for our clients and develop relationships within the community. 
However, the pandemic has drastically affected our business and we are having great difficulties in paying fixed costs to keep our business afloat. 
We miss you all and hopefully we can continue to do what we love so much.

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ATTENTION WAGGING TAILS CUSTOMERS. In an effort to keep costs at a minimum we ask that you please schedule and edit all your appointments using the online scheduler. Thank You! To Schedule An Appointment,
1) Log In
2) Choose a name for this appointment
3) The date of the first visit will be the Start Date
4) The date of the last visit will be the End Date
5) Click Continue
6) Check mark all days that you need visits
7) If the times of ALL visits will be the exact same every day click Yes, If not click No
8) Click Continue to open the following page.
9) On this page, SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of the page beneath the blue time chart and check mark the box next to "Pet Sitting Visit". Once you check the box, the time chart will appear below it.
10) SCROLL DOWN again and check mark the time(s) you would like the visits
11) Click Continue
12) You will have to do steps 9-11 for every day that you want different visit times

When you are finished you will see a Red Thank You Page. If you don't see this, you have done something wrong.
You can scroll down the Thank You page and review your appointment plus add instructional notes to all your visits.
At the top of the Thank You Page you can click on Edit My Info and make sure all important contact information, pet information etc. is up to date.
Please make sure all information, instructions, and daily notes are filled out so we know exactly what you would like us to do when we visit your pets.

Appointments for all clients on a Weekly schedule will recur automatically every week. Do not schedule your weekly visits. They will automatically be added every week on Friday afternoons for the following week.

If you would like to cancel visits, add visits, or edit an appointment, you need to log in and click on Review my appointments on the top of the page. Click continue and find the appointment that you want to adjust and click on edit. Continue as directed for making an appointment.

To post general information
1) Log In
2) Click on Edit My Info
3) Click on Save

To post notes for each visit.
1) Log In
2) Click on Review My Appointments
3) Click on Continue
4) Click on View for the appointment you would like to post notes
5) Click on the Notes Icon for the visit you would like to post a note
6) Click on Save