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!!!!!!NEW CLIENTS!!!!!!!
To begin your registration please click on the link just above the LOGIN button. It says Click Here To Register. You will then be asked for your zip code, followed by your Profile page and then your pets. Please fill out all the information. In the pet information please be sure to provide VERY DETAILED information to assist us in caring for your pet. For example please tell us where to feed your pet, where the water dishes are, how much to feed. Please give us as much detail as possible. Thank you.

All Clients PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE A PICTURE OF YOUR PET, the pictures you post under your pet profiles should not be larger than 100x100 pixels. You can resize your photos in Microsoft Paint and then upload them. If you prefer you may email me pictures of your pet with their name and your name and I will resize them for you and upload them to your account.

Tips and Gratuities - Tips and gratuities are accepted for a job well done. Your pet sitter keeps 100% of any tips and gratuities.

Finally please feel free to leave comments on how you like us on Google + or Facebook. See links below. You can also follow us on one or both. If you use Yelp and want to leave a comment please do so. Comments are always appreciated and help us to grow and serve others.

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