1821 Hillandale Rd, Suite 1B, Box 261, Durham, NC 27705   Phone: 919-627-8738

Hello! Thank you for considering Paws On Durham, LLC for your pet and home services needs.

Paws On Durham is committed to flattening the COVID-19 curve in our community. These are the measures we're taking with our staff.

Our Staff Will:
Wear protective masks in homes according to company guidance
Use hand sanitizer as a matter of practice
Wash hands before, during, and after each visit
Report any symptoms to management
Be mindful of what they are touching
Limit their movement within customer homes to 1 or 2 rooms
Stay away from high traffic areas such as lobbies, dog parks, and community areas

Please bear with us as we work through this difficult time. We will make every effort to care for your pets safely and effectively.

Your Paws On Durham Team

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You are now able to award your pet sitter a gratuity using the scheduling system! There are several levels of gratuity listed on the menu of services. Select one gratuity or a combination of gratuities and your card will be charged accordingly.

The easiest way to submit the gratuity is to do so as a separate request from your pet sitting reservation. You can do this either before the date of service or after the services are complete.

If you need assistance submitting a gratuity, contact us at 919-627-8738 or email: info@pawsondurham.com.