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Welcome to Buckhead Paws' online scheduling tool!

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With our online scheduling tool, you can . . .

~Schedule and review your upcoming Appointments
~Update your client profile
~Update your pet information
~Update your credit card online

How to schedule an appointment:

1. Open "Schedule Appointments" tab
2. Name your appointment, e.g., "Daily Walks", or "Spring Break", etc.
3. Enter start date of appointment; use calendar, or enter actual dates, like 6/15 (it will default to current year)
4. Enter end date of the appointment if this is a one-time schedule
5. If it is a recurring appointment, enter time frame of recurring appointment, monthly or weekly
6. Select, "Continue"
7. If all days are correct, select if you want the same visits each day, or prefer to go day by day. (HINT: if you select "All Days are the Same", you can go then edit any days that are not the same. Clients traveling out of town often leave midday on the first day and come back before night on the last day).
8. If you do not want one of those days because you will be home, or your cleaning lady is there, etc., uncheck the day you do not need service.
9. Select the service that you want and the times of day you would like service for each day. If you want a service you don't see listed, just ask, and we'll come up with exactly what you need!
10. Your appointment will be sent to the office for approval; once approved, you'll receive email confirmation.
11. If you want to make a change to a day, click on the blue date field, and add or delete visits as needed.

By requesting an appointment, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service (see complete Terms of Service after entering).