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Office hours are Tuesday - Saturday 9AM-5PM.

COVID 19 Advisory- We look forward to taking care of your pet family for the date(s) requested as long as we do not come down with the virus. Please touch base via text message(828-702-9676) before your departure to make sure we can still pet sit for you. If while you are away, we do get the virus we will try to make arrangements with another sitter or you may have to come home early. We are taking Covid-19 very seriously and staying home as much as possible. We are sanitizing, washing our hands and wearing mask when needed, like the rest of the world but there is no telling where we will be in a few weeks. Also if you or a family member happens to come down with the virus within a few weeks of us pet sitting for you please let us know and most likely the appointment will be canceled. Please do your part to protect yourself and others by wearing a mask and keeping your social distance. We can get through this if we work together. Stay safe, healthy and be kind to one another.

For new clients: you must register first. Choosing a username and password and PLEASE remember them! You then can continue with scheduling pet sit visits.

If you have forgotten your password please contact us to reset it. Please do not fill out your and your pets information each time, otherwise you will then have multiple accounts.

A confirmation email will be sent to you letting you know that your pet(s) are on the schedule.

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